SciTech Display Doctor 7 beta download

What is this?

SciTech Display Doctor is a generic VESA display driver for Windows 9x. From today’s perspective its main feature is that it allows you to run Windows 95 and Windows 98 in VirtualBox at a nice resolution and color depth (e.g., 1600x1200x32 bit). When SciTech closed down they released free registration numbers for their then-current software, including Display Doctor v5.3a, v6.53 and v6.7, but didn’t provide one for v7.0 beta (presumably because it hadn’t been finished). Unfortunately, those versions of Display Doctor don’t seem to work with modern releases of VirtualBox; v7.0 beta, on the other hand, does. This website serves to provide a download of SciTech Display Doctor 7 beta since it can now be considered abandonware. Given that SciTech has released everything else they had for free, I don’t think they’d mind.



  • Name: CSCKnight
  • Serial: 0B5E-12B4-A8A4-0B

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3 thoughts on “SciTech Display Doctor 7 beta download

  1. This was a GREAT piece of software.

    Sad that they closed down. It tremendously helped my old cirrus logic video card that had a measly 2MB of RAM back then (1994) be able to run Duke Nukem 3D with higher resolution and frame rate under Windows 95 DOS.

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